Braking System Design

Superior Braking System Design for Static and Dynamic Applications

DELLNER BUBENZER offers design services to support the development of braking systems.

  • Review of input data received
  • Determine quantity, type and distribution of calipers
  • Determine quantity, size and distribution of yaw drives (if needed)
  • CAD modeling of yaw brake disc and possible main frame adjustments
  • Setting up a global FEM model to determine the deformations and resulting loading on calipers, pads and bolts.

Strength assessment of the following components:

  • Yaw brake calipers
  • Main frame
  • Yaw brake disc
  • Bolted connection between calipers and main frame
  • Lower, upper and radial brake pads
  • Verification of yaw drives and yaw pinion

Create specifications for machinery components (yaw drives and pinion) and bolts (size, number, type, pretension level and tightening method)