Hydraulic Systems

DELLNER BUBENZER's Anti Sway Systems allow the damping of head-block, spreader and container oscillation generated by acceleration / deceleration of trolley and gantry.

Compactus is a pneumatically operated hydraulic pump system that multiplies pneumatic line pressure into hydraulic pressure that is sufficient to operate pressure applied disc brakes at rated capacity.

The DH hydraulic power packs deliver pressure up to 200 bar and can be delivered with optional hydraulic cabinets and electrical terminal boxes.

Our hand pump can be used to simply activate the Dellner brake calipers. It also acts as a back up system for the primary pressure supply system.

The hydraulic rotary actuator is a device which transform hydraulic power (pressure and flow) in mechanical power: torque and angular speed.


An investment in DELLNER BUBENZER provides benefits beyond the highest quality product standards that have been globally appreciated for decades. As an industry-leading brake product provider, we are also distinguished by our 24/7 concierge service. Our worldwide network of factory-certified technicians trained on the latest in technology enables us to provide fast reaction times and infinite support on a local level.

We are always there for our customers to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. A partnership with DELLNER BUBENZER delivers long-term success and service satisfaction that can be trusted.


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