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Mining and Material Handling

Mining and Material Handling

Whether by surface or underground mining, generally millions of tons of material must be moved in order to extract targeted raw materials or minerals. Indeed, it is not uncommon that mountains are literally moved in mining operations. The often gigantic tunnel boring and cleaning machines, conveyor systems, bucket wheel excavators, special vehicles, material grading and separating systems, etc are often in service 24 hours/day, for years. PINTSCH BUBENZER has been meeting the special challenges set by the specialty manufacturers of these machines, systems and vehicles for many years and today is rated world-wide one of the leading development partners and system suppliers. In close cooperation with the manufacturers of mining equipment, PINTSCH BUBENZER Engineering is always providing solutions to operational and safety braking challenges.

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Bild: Flexible Coupling Type K

Flexible Coupling Type K

Bild: Flexible Coupling Type KHD

Flexible Coupling Type KHD

Bild: Gas-Hydraulic Buffers PB

Gas-Hydraulic Buffers PB

Bild: Gear Coupling Type KBT

Gear Coupling Type KBT

Bild: Hub with Brake Disc Type N + NX

Hub with Brake Disc Type N + NX



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