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Marine and Offshore Applications

Marine and Offshore Applications

As a result of factors such as temperature variations, storms, contact with saltwater, flooding and downtimes, marine applications place the very highest qualitative demands on the braking systems used in respect of their design, the materials used, manufacturing, installation and surface protection. Thus corrosion resistance and absolute waterresistance (up to IP 67) coupled at the same time with the ability for maintenance to be carried out in a simple manner – literally with what is on board – are among the mandatory criteria. Brakes and braking systems from PINTSCH BUBENZER have been setting the standard on ships of different sizes and classes as well as on ocean giants since 1935 and are today the first selection for many well-known ship’s chandlers and offshore-engineering manufacturers.

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Bild: Spring Set Brake KFB

Spring Set Brake KFB

Bild: Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes BSC Series

Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes BSC Series

Bild: Spring Set Brakes SFB Series

Spring Set Brakes SFB Series



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