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Industrial Brake Applications

Industrial Brake Applications

In the application segment of industrial brake technology, PINTSCH BUBENZER has worked very closely together with operators and consultants as well as manufacturers internationally for many years. The global application know-how built up in this way secures continuous improvements in the quality-determining criteria for all participating parties and enables us to develop our products, technologies and services still further to the highest level in a manner suitable for real-work situations.

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The PINTSCH BUBENZER after-sales-services are available around the world and increase up-time and thereby the economic benefit for the customer – for example through preventive maintenance, rapid deliveries of spare parts and on-going equipment surveys and personnel training.

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Bild: Hub with Brake Disc Type N + NX

Hub with Brake Disc Type N + NX

Bild: Brake Rectifier BGL/EGL

Brake Rectifier BGL/EGL

Bild: Rail Clamps Type BSZ

Rail Clamps Type BSZ

Bild: Flexible Coupling KLST / KST

Flexible Coupling KLST / KST

Bild: Flexible Coupling Type KL

Flexible Coupling Type KL

Bild: Brake Control Unit BCMS-4

Brake Control Unit BCMS-4

Bild: Flexible Coupling Type KH

Flexible Coupling Type KH

Bild: Brake Control Unit BCU2001

Brake Control Unit BCU2001

Bild: Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units

Bild: Flexible Coupling Type K

Flexible Coupling Type K



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