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In the movable bridge market PINTSCH BUBENZER is involved in every aspect of building a new movable bridge or the rehabilitation of older bridges. From the beginning of the design process to the final commissioning of the bridge PINTSCH BUBENZER works closely with the architects, engineers and consultants who design the bridges, the machinery manufacturers who integrate our brakes into the machinery and the electrical system integrators who control the operation of the brakes. For over a quarter of a century PINTSCH BUBENZER brakes have been specified and approved for operation in this arduous market sector.

Custom Designed and Made by PINTSCH BUBENZER

The PINTSCH BUBENZER brakes operating in the movable bridge market sector are uniquely designed and manufactured to strict specifications as written by the architects & engineers. The ac thruster drum brakes and ac thruster disc brakes installed on movable bridges contain custom limit switches, low mount hand release mechanisms, heaters and thermostats. In addition, custom stainless steel enclosures are designed by PINTSCH BUBENZER and accompany the brakes to the bridge.

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Bild: Thruster Disc Brake SB 8 Series

Thruster Disc Brake SB 8 Series

Bild: Drum Brake Type EBH

Drum Brake Type EBH



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