Bild: BRBe with BUEL® S
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BRBe with BUEL® S

Contact force: 70000-90000 N
Designed for all rail mounted equipment, like cranes, stackers, reclaimers, etc. Direct holding of idle wheels, particularly where rail clamps or rail brakes cannot be used.
  • Braking Force: 56000N to 72000N
  • Coil spring applied (no Belleville washer spring package)
  • Thruster released by the powerful BUEL-S
  • Plug and Play installation (No additional piping, no wiring, no bleeding)
  • Compact design
  • Sintered lining material
  • Wheel cleaning pads
  • Adjustable setting time
  • Environmental friendly (No oil change, lifetime oil filling, intermittent operation)
  • BUEL-S with space heater
  • Biodegradable oil

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