Bild: Rail Clamps Type BSZ
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Rail Clamps Type BSZ

Holding Force: 100000-400000 N

Our BSZ is a storm safety brake for all rail mounted equipment, e. g. cranes, stackers, reclaimers etc. Particularly when the rail is mounted above dock level or a rail channel is provided.

  • Spring applied
  • Apply time: Continuously adjustable 3-12 seconds
  • Hydraulically released
  • Hand pump for emergency release
  • Integrated hydraulic power unit, ready piped and wired to terminal box
  • Limit switch release control, mechanical or proximity type
  • Connection by flange on end face (BSZ/II) or flange on top (BSZ/III)
  • Lateral compensation ± 10 mm


  • Special mounting dimensions
  • Holding forces 100 to 400 kN
  • Lateral compensation ± 25 mm
  • Vertical compensation ± 25 mm
  • Buffer connection
  • Rail sweeper
  • Operation of several rail clamps by one hydraulic power unit
  • Enclosures of stainless steel



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