Bild: Hydraulic Wheel Brakes
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Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

Wheel Brake DBRB  
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Reliable – Long-Life Spring Package 

  • High Performance

  • Robust Design 

  • Tried and trusted 

  • Maximum axial movement of the wheel ± 1 mm
  • Opening time: Upon client request (usually 2-4s from the opening command to signal of brakes opened)
  • Closing time adjustable from 1 s to 12 s (approx.)
  • Standard painting 240 micron, RAL 3004
  • Limit switch that signals clamp open
  • Emergency manual opening device
  • Hydraulic unit suitable to operate with more brakes
  • Hand Pump
  • Working temperature different from standard (-20°C/ +40°C)
  • Language of documentation different from standard
  • Certificates of materials (EN 10204-2.2, EN 10204-3.1 or EN 10204-3.2) for all main components
  • Brake support
  • Customized flange

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