Bild: Twin Safe
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Twin Safe

Torque: 2000-20000 Nm
  • Hoisting applications
  • Electrical drives for ship winches and deck machinery
  • Jack up systems at offshore platforms
  • Dynamic and static use at general industrial applications
  • Steel mills
  • Semi submersible cranes
  • Floating cranes
  • Spring applied safety brake
  • Electromechanically released
  • Protection-class IP67 – seawater protected
  • Wear reserve by single air gap adjustment
  • High work capacity
  • High wear resistance due to high abrasion resistance
  • Functional without cover
  • Emergency release screws
  • Micro- or proximity switches:
    • Monitoring the function on/off
    • Wear monitoring available up to design size TS200
  • Lateral junction box
  • Tacho preparation with all mounting parts
  • Cover bore
  • Shaft sealing
  • Special voltage
  • Anti condensation heater
  • Radial cable outlet
  • Special flange
  • Customized design

Electrical equipment

  • Protective element – PE 400/150/5
  • Brake control unit = BCU 2001
  • Switching rectifier SGL
  • BCMS4

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