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BUEL® thrusters are used for almost all kind of industrial applications. They are setting new industry standards for disk and drum brakes as well as wheel brakes.

Our experts will assist you to find your best solution with BUEL®.

More information

  • New technology
  • Pressure generation by centrifugal gear pump with high mechanical efficiency
  • Fast setting times
  • Energy saving by intermittent duty
  • Fail safe principle
  • Redundant valves
  • Compact dimensions
  • Terminal box with control board
  • Automatic pressure drop compensation
  • Low heat generation
  • Huge temperature range in standard execution
  • Little oil volume
  • Little ecologic risk
  • High protection category
  • Infinitely variable setting time
  • Swivel head for shear force and misalignment compensation
  • Unique design for the complete model range
  • Low weight, excellent mass/performance ratio


Electrical design
All BUEL® thrusters are operated with 3-phase voltages between 220 V to 690 V @ 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Protection class
All electric components of the BUEL® thrusters are located inside, for best protection against environmental influences. BUEL® thrusters are rated IP 65. As an option, protection class IP 67 is possible.

Operating modes (BL 35-5 to BL 600-8)
BUEL® thrusters are designed for intermittent duty, independently from the required operating mode of the drive installed. Any limitation of the duty cycle is not required. After reaching the end position (brake released) the motor is switching off. In case the end position is not reached within 4 seconds, the motor is switched off internally.

Ambient temperature range
BUEL® thrusters are suitable for ambient temperatures between -30°C to +60°C. For deviating ambient temperatures, please contact us for support.

Protection against moisture
For applications in maritime or tropic environments, the optional use of a small heater to protect the
motor windings from moisture is recommended.

Heater voltages can be:
> 110 to 120 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz
> 220 to 240 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Hydraulic media
BUEL® Model H thrusters are filled with a high performance synthetic oil, type PENTOSIN CHF 11S. This oil insures a trouble-free operation in the entire temperature range, indicated above. Biodegradable oil is available as an option.

Installation positions
All BUEL® thrusters are preferably operated vertically (piston rod ontop). A deviation of +/- 30° from the vertical axis is permitted. A horizontal installation is possible as an option (please indicate with the order).


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