BUEL® founded on decades of experience in the field of drive engineering and related components. High quality standards in all the divisions of PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH are the basis for the functional reliability of BUEL® equipment. There are practically no limits to the applications and operational capabilities of BUEL® electrohydraulic thruster. The principal application is a brake release device in industrial disc and drum brakes.

The principal application areas are the following:

  • crane und transshipment equipment in sea and inland ports
  • steelworks with ladle, charging and process cranes
  • mining, on excavators and spreaders and in conveyor belt stations
  • and in many other areas…

BUEL® equipment can be operated in all the climatic zones of the world.

Specific features and advantages:

  • pressure built-up with high hydraulic-mechanical efficiency
  • fail-safe principle
  • automatic compensation of pressure losses
  • wide service temperature range in the standard version
  • compact dimensions
  • extreme fast set times
  • high actuating forces
  • energy savings by intermittent operation
  • compensation of shear forces and alignment errors by use of swivel head
  • low internal heat build-up
  • reduced filling volume
  • low weight
  • good weight / performance ratio
  • various mounting dimensions
  • multiple options for increased functionality and monitoring

Protection Class

All electrical components of BUEL® equipment are located inside and protected from environmental influences:

  • BUEL® equipment comply with Protection Class IP 65
  • Protection Class IP 67 is available as an option

Operating modes / Duty cycles

  • BUEL® equipment can be run in S1 continuous operation and S3 switching operation.
  • No restrictions of the duty cycle are necessary.
  • The motor is switched off when the end position is reached (brake open).

Electrical version

BUEL® equipment is operated at 3-phase voltages from 220 V to 690 V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.


For applications in maritime areas, heating of the motor winding as dewfall protection is available as an option.

The following heating voltages can be provided:

  • 110 V to 120 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • 220 V to 240 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Service temperature range

  • BUEL® equipment can be used at ambient temperatures from -30°C to +60°C
  • For temperatures below -30°C, a special oil for low temperature applications is recommended
  • For ambient temperatures above +60°C, the precise application is to be agreed with the manufacturer

Installation positions

BUEL® equipment is preferably operated in a vertical position (piston rod at top). A difference of +/- 30° from the perpendicular position is permissible. A horizontal Installation position is possible as an option (please indicate with the order).