RIMA S.r.l. part of the Pintsch Bubenzer Group

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DELLNER BUBENZER Group with its subsidiary PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH has signed an agreement to acquire an Italian industrial braking manufacturer, RIMA S.r.l., in a deal that will pave the way for the company’s rapid global expansion.

As PINTSCH BUBENZER Group we are focused and have the ambition to become the world’s leading supplier of brakes and related power transmission products. In the meantime, the quality of our product range , innovative technologies and your service have the highest priority for us.

RIMA S.r.l. is a globally leading manufacturer of:

  • Rail clamps, rail brakes- and wheel brakes
  • Cable Protection, CoBRa® System
  • Specialist in hydraulic systems for harbour container cranes, offshore, etc:
    • Trim List Skew Anti-Snag Systems
    • Anti-sway Systems
    • Crane Movement Actuation

The PINTSCH BUBENZER Group has 2 Centres of Competence, RIMA S.r.l. and PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH. RIMA S.r.l. is the competence centre for rail brakes, wheel brakes and hydraulic systems. PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH is the competence centre for drum brakes, disc brakes, couplings. Both will continue to operate from their existing global* locations.

Jan-Willem Schoneveld, Chief Commercial Officer of PINTSCH BUBENZER group and Stefano Del Carretto, Managing Director of Rima S.r.l. are looking forward to the future cooperation: This acquisition is a strategic decision and marks the start of a new era for our organisation. It will facilitate major global expansion for both companies and will help to enlarge the global leading position of the PINTSCH BUBENZER Group within the industrial market sector.