Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Relationship,

First of all, I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and that all of you are in good health.
The impact of the circulating Coronavirus (COVID-19) is enormous. Virtually every company and its employees experience the negative effects immediately. In addition, further consequences for the future are, to say the least, uncertain. If everyone adheres to the measures taken, we hope that we can considerably slow down the spread of the virus.

Following the recommendations and guidelines from the government, the German Robert-Koch-Institute and the World Health Organization, we – as a company – have just implemented the below action plan in order to minimize the risk of spreading further infections.
Pintsch Bubenzer has his production in Germany, we will try with our upmost best to achieve the confirmed delivery dates. Nevertheless influence of the coronavirus can affect our delivery schedule.
Further internal measures to minimize contact are now being implemented internally:

  • the company has been divided internally into zones
  • the employees in production work in shifts without handover
  • the weekly working time is reduced and, if possible, it is done from home
  • Any questions should only be answered by phone, e-mail, team viewer or Skype

We recognize it as our duty to do justice to our part of the responsibility and take all necessary measures in this regard. We hope that if everyone strictly adheres to the measures, we will be able to slow down the virus considerably and as a result everyone’s trade and business will return to normal as soon as possible. That companies can continue to provide their services as before and that everyone will spared from a financial catastrophe.
We trust to have duly notified you and ask for your understanding. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. We are happy to assist you.
Let us overcome the crisis together!

We wish you and your family, colleagues strength in this strange, uncertain time.

Jan-Willem Schoneveld
Chief Commercial Officer