Rotor Brake (active) 
Description SFRA 5 

Main Features

  • Active caliper brake, ready to operate, hydraulically applied, spring retracted
  • No failsafe function!
  • Sintered linings
  • Horizontal compensation +- 5 mm
  • Support for direct gear box mounting


  • The high capacity of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as rotor brakes in wind turbines
  • Use of the brakes for applications with high duty cycles should be specifically indicated during technical selection procedure


  • Limit switch release control
  • Limit switch wear control
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Brake discs and couplings
  • Seals for special fluids
  • Sensors for remote monitoring and diagnostic, like e.g. temperature-, wear- and release gap monitoring
  • Rotor locking pin
  • Temperature sensor

Operating Restrictions 
Brakes of this range are tested both mechanically and hydraulically. Operating conditions other than described in this brochure require the manufacturer´s approval and may influence the function of the caliper and its components