Main Features

  • Two identical caliper halves, ready for operation, with spring packs set to nominal force and limit switch release control
  • Up to 2 mm air gap between brake pad and disc
  • Easy, manual pad wear compensation
  • Organic, non-asbestos linings


  • The high capacity of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as secondary emergency brakes on hoist gears and on downhill conveyor
  • Other applications are possible in material hand ling, requiring power and compact design in either direction of rotation, particularly in replacing band brakes
  • Brakes for use in high duty cycle applications are to be specifically indicated prior to the technical selection procedure


  • Limit switch wear control
  • Sintered linings
  • Complete piped supports for one or more calipers
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Special seals for flameproof fluids
  • Cleaning pads
  • Brake discs
  • CMB contact force measurement

Operating Restrictions

Brakes of this range are tested both mechanically and hydraulically and are set to nominal force. This setting can only be changed by the manufacturer. Operating conditions other than described in this brochure require the manufacturer's approval and may influence the function of the caliper and its components