The brake MFB is used primarily as safety or holding brake in shipbuilding. In machine construction the MFB series is used where size, robustness and work capacity are of key importance.

Main Features

  • Spring applied safety brake
  • Electromagnetic lifting
  • Protection-class IP56
  • Small construction at high work capacity
  • High wear reserve caused by high abrasion resistance
  • Manual lifting


Predominant in static uses at shipbuilding industry as holding- or safety- brake Industrial application with requirements of small dimensions at heavy duty applications


  • Cast iron cover (IP67)
  • Special voltage
  • Cover bore
  • Tacho preparation

Electrical equipment

  • One-way, bridge and switching rectifier
  • Protective element
  • Brake control unit = BCU 2001
  • Brake control and monitoring system = BCMS-4