The BCMS-4 is a micro-controller-based monitoring and switching device for spring applied brakes of the SFB and KFB series. Through measurement and analysis of current and voltage of the outgoing two-wire lines of the individual brakes wear and switching state of each electromagnetic spring applied brake can be detected in some distant mounting position. There can be up to four brakes operated and evaluated simultaneously. The operation of the brakes is fundamentally with rapid releasing and closing of the brakes.

Main Features:

  • Plug and play – minimal configuration and implementation effort
  • No micro- or proximity switches required for the brake (much lower amount of wiring)
  • Components such as contactors, power rectifier, suppressor to be omitted (space and cost savings)
  • Through the use of plug-in terminals a prior installation of the connecting cables is possible (saves time)
  • Normal maintenance intervals are not required on our brakes (extreme reduction of maintenance costs)
  • Due to the 4-channel version up to four spring loaded brakes can be operated simultaneously
  • Certified safety through professional association
  • In conjunction with a superior safety PLC operation by security classification DIN EN ISO 13849-1 PL d, Cat 3 is possible
  • Internal 2-channel safety logic in redundant design
  • Providing I / O diagnostic outputs for integration into PLC
  • Quick releasing and closing of the brakes
  • Overcurrent trip to protect the brakes
  • Wire break recognition
  • Minimize the power dissipation of the brakes by regulation the holding current
  • Internal menu structure
  • Representation of the status wear
  • User interface RS 232 for connection and intervention in the menu structure#
  • Manual operation of the menu structure
  • The operating status and diagnostic messages are be visualized and displayed at the unit itself
  • Optimization of the wear allowance
  • „One solution, one source“


  • Container cranes
  • Ship winches
  • Automatic racking systems
  • Conveyor belts
  • General electrical drives