Spring applied wheel brake. Braking force ±56 kN.


As storm brake on all rail mounted equipment, such as cranes, stackers, reclaimers etc. Direct holding of idle wheels. Particularly where a rail clamp or a rail brake cannot be used.

Main features:

  • Wheel brake spring applied
  • Apply time: Stepless adjustable 3-15 seconds
  • Wheel brake hydraulically released
  • Limit switch release control, proximity type
  • Connection by support Static or dynamic applications
  • Sintered linings
  • Braking force 56 kN
  • Horizontal float +/- 10 mm


  • Operation of several wheel brakes by one hydraulic power unit, including manual pump for emergency release
  • Enclosures of stainless steel for power unit and terminal box
  • Space heater, oil level and oil temperature switch for the power unit
  • Complete piping set, if required in stainless steel