Application Area:

The safety and service brake of the KFB series, which was newly developed several years ago, is chiefly used in internally and externally ventilated motors of travelling, trolley and hoisting gear in crane installations or for industrial applications. This series has already proved its worth convincingly.

Mode of Function:

Through the properties of the brake current an electromagnetic field is built up and the spring tension of the brake is overcome. The corresponding subassemblies including the motor shaft can rotate freely. The brake is released. When the brake current is switched off or if a power failure occurs, the electromagnetic field of the brake collapses. The mechanical brake action is transferred to the motor shaft. The motor is braked.

Special Features:

  • Dynamic brake with braking torque of 100 to 1600Nm
  • Compact design with high work capacity
  • High wear reserve
  • Compatible mounting on every electic motor or gear by means of standard and special flanges
  • High protection class IP 67, therefore corrosion-resistant in seawater and in tropical climates
  • Manual release: with screws as standard or with hand lever as an option
  • Brake remains fully functional when housing is removed
  • Low maintenance costs through optimum design
  • Monitoring of performance and wear by means of microswitch or inductive proximity switch; for an alternative, see BCU 2001 in next point
  • Brake control unit BCU 2001, mountable in the switch cabinet, for monitoring performance and wear
  • Miscellaneous accessories such as tachometer and space heater - variable supply voltage e.g. 24V, 190V, 207V
  • Lateral terminal box - protection class IP 67
  • Patent USA no.: 6.536.563.B1
  • cUL certificate - file no. NMTR.E218897 and NMTR7.218897