Congratulations to BANG Kransysteme GmbH to their 30th company anniversary!

20.09.2019, Corporate News

BANG Kransysteme was founded by Werner Bang in 1989 in Adorf (Vogtland) as a service work­-shop for the repair of load-lifting equipment and crane systems. More than 100 specialised professionals now work for BANG Kransysteme, ranging from construction mechanics to software specialists. Today the company is internationally renowned as specialist in the planning, production, installation and servicing of process cranes, automatic cranes and winch systems capable of lifting loads of up to 500 t.

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we exhibited our products at our in-house crane conference. Thank you very much for the invitation!

PINTSCH BUBENZER brakes for giant semi-submersible crane vessel

05.09.2019, Corporate News

Click here to read the article in dockyard magazine.

Pintsch Bubenzer installed a series of Twin Safe TS800 brakes on two 10,000-metric ton (22 million pound) capacity cranes and auxiliary hoists aboard a giant semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV) that has recently completed its maiden voyage.

The self-propelled heavy-lift and deep-water construction vessel Sleipnir, part of Heerema Marine Contractors’ fleet, is over 700 ft. long and is designed to work on large offshore projects such as installing and removing jackets, topsides, deep-water foundations, moorings and other offshore structures, such as windmills. It boasts a hulking pair of revolving cranes, offering a lifting height of over 420 ft., and dual-fuel engines.

The brakes are rated for 8,000Nm (5,900 ft-lb); typically for this same motor frame size Pintsch Bubenzer’s standard brakes’ max torque is 5,200 Nm (3,800 ft-lb), thus, this design provides about a 35% boost in torque. Further, each brake presents IP67 submersible rated protection.

Pintsch Bubenzer, a manufacturer of a variety of high performance disc and drum brakes for severe duty applications, based the TS800 product to some extent on the success of the KFB and SFB product lines, but it stands alone due to its dual disc design. In layman’s terms, ‘twin’ refers to the two-friction disc arrangement; each disc has two friction surfaces, creating a quad surface break. ‘Safe’ refers to the failsafe design of the break, which is spring set and electrically released. Practically, this means in the event of a loss of power the brake will always be set in a safe mode. The Twin Safe range offers six different brake sizes from 2,000 Nm to 20,000 Nm.

Mike Sparks, regional sales manager at Pintsch Bubenzer USA LLC, said, “All industries are trying to get larger to be more cost effective and we need to align our manufacturing capability and technologies with that trend. André Neth [global manager for this product] and his team are pioneering the brakes marketplace accordingly. The port industry continues to grow and the reason that this vessel was created was due to larger rig platforms being designed. The cranes were also made large to increase the amount of deck space available on the vessel since they are able to conduct the work that is usually done by three or more cranes.”

As Neth acknowledged, the product was primarily launched to gain access to offshore projects where larger torque is required in a small package. It took six months to develop the brake based on customer requirements, which centered on a need for a high torque solution to mount onto a smaller than typical motor flange for this torque requirement. The TS800 can be supplied for a standard A660-1 or an A800 flange; as well as be adapted to the appropriate NEMA flange. The general outside diameter (OD) is 660mm (26”) or 800mm (31.5”) depending on the flange with a height of 406mm (16”).

Extensive testing took place prior to delivery and installation. Typical testing on such a brake will involve emergency stop scenarios, multiple stop scenarios, full load stop scenarios, and high cycle testing to ensure the brake can handle day-to-day operations. Sparks reiterated, “The goal of testing is to ensure that the brake will stop the load in a worst case scenario.”

He added, “The [Twin Safe] brake is suitable for a multitude of offshore and port systems due to the IP67 rating, as well as general high speed applications, dynamic braking applications in general industry, and applications that have high torque requirements with limited space. It would mount either directly onto the non-drive end of a motor or onto an accessory port of a gearbox. We also see that in most of the applications where this brake is utilized a tachometer/encoder is also required; we provide provisions for such mounting.”

Thank you for visiting us at METEC 2019 in Düsseldorf!

21.08.2019, Corporate News

On behalf of the PINTSCH BUBENZER Sales Team, we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our products and services.

We look back on a very successful week with lots of people visiting our booth.

Pintsch Bubenzer Launched iBrake® App at TOC Europe

Pintsch Bubenzer, a manufacturer of high performance disc and drum brakes for port cranes and other severe duty applications, launched a new app, iBrake®, at TOC Europe, June 2019 at Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands.



iBrake® is a multidimensional app, downloadable to cell phones and other smart devices, featuring a dashboard for users, maintenance videos, part lists, technical drawings, lifecycle documentation, and access to 24-hour support. Parts can also be ordered through the app, which sends service alerts to Pintsch Bubenzer customers. Users can utilize the app to scan digital barcodes, sometimes called quick response codes, to direct them to product information created by the manufacturer.

Joel Cox, President at Pintsch Bubenzer USA, said: “We’re at the dawn of the digital revolution for industrial brake service, and we’re pioneering that change. Customers are increasingly looking to technology and, more specifically, their smartphones for information so it makes sense to align our service offering with that cultural trend. iBrake® is packed with technical detail and information, yet it is user friendly and straightforward to anyone who participates in the digital age.”

Arno Weil, Senior Vice President Sales at Pintsch Bubenzer GmbH, said: “iBrake® will change the way port professionals and customers in multiple industry sectors will interact with their high performance disc and drum brakes, and manage the lifecycles of their equipment. Never before has this much expertise and technical detail been put in one place with such ease of accessibility. The port is firmly established as the critical link within the container supply chain, and we want to remain at the fulcrum of continued improvement of the industry’s best practices.”

Source: Dockyard Magazine

TOC Europe - Thank you!

25.06.2019, Corporate News

We would like to thank our visitors for the interesting conversations at the TOC EUROPE in Rotterdam.

For all of those who could not being part of the event, please find following some impressions.

TOC Europe - Booth E52

We are looking forward to welcome you again on this year’s TOC EUROPE in Rotterdam. Be excited to see the new series of disc brakes for demanding applications in all ranges of drive technology and get in touch with the electro-hydraulic thrusters BUEL® as another excellent company innovation. The high speed thruster BUEL®H and the green-line thruster BUEL® G will be presented in combination with our SB and SF brake systems. Our electromagnetic motor mounted brake TwinSafe completes the interesting line of products.

In keeping with the motto “The Digital Revolution of Industrial Brake Service” you have the opportunity to see the presentation of our individual iBrake solution. We will be delighted to inform you about current news, improvements and our new innovative and specialized range of products and services. Come and visit us…

Booth E52

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Hannover Industriemesse

01. April  -   05. April 2019 HANNOVER INDUSTRIEMESSE Hall 25 / Booth 13

A highly anticipated premiere is to take place at this year’s HMI in Hannover. The newly founded DELLNER BUBENZER GROUP will use the future-oriented platform of the worldwide biggest industrial fair to present its innovative products and in-house developments for drive technology.

Be excited to see the new series of disc brakes for demanding applications in all ranges of drive technology and get in touch with the electro-hydraulic thrusters BUEL® as another excellent company innovation. The high speed thruster BUEL®H and the green-line thruster BUEL® G will be presented in combination with our SB and SF brake systems. Our electromagnetic motor mounted brakes of the KFB and SFB series complete the interesting line of products.

In keeping with the motto THE STRONGEST TEAM OF SPECIALISTS you have the opportunity of meeting the individual members of the new business group, the companies PINTSCH BUBENZER, DELLNER BRAKES, DELLNER BRAKES JHS and RIMA and see the new extended product portfolio. We will be delighted to inform you about our new innovative and specialized range of products.

As renowned and recognized manufacturer of industrial brake technology and as member of the DELLNER BUBENZER GROUP we guarantee worldwide acceptance for your devices equipped with our technics. To make sure this continues, we will present all sorts of news regarding our classic products. Come and visit us at our booth in

Hall 25 Booth B13

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Restructuring of our plant in Dinslaken.

Dear Customers,
Dear team members,

Due to the takeover and the corresponding strategic realignment of our company in order to enable further growth without creating even longer delivery and reaction times for our customers, an extensive restructuring program has been started.

The first steps have been taken to centralize our logistic system in Kirchen.

The second step will be centralizing all R&D projects in Betzdorf, group-wide.

The third step is the restructuring of our plant in Dinslaken since a move-out of the former PINTSCH BAMAG buildings has become compulsory due to the takeover. The whole machining process of that location will be restructured. Assembly and the R&D test stands will be moved to Kirchen by 1st of January, 2019. The same applies for the shipping department and order processing.

Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to keep business as smooth as possible by extensive planning and ramping up our stocks. However, if delivery times are delayed, your kind understanding would be very much appreciated. 


TOC EUROPE 2018: PINTSCH BUBENZER sets new standards with BUEL® thrusters and disc brakes at TOC Europe.

As one of the world’s leading companies in the sector of high quality braking systems, PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH has grown constantly during the last years. The company’s future is secured by continuous growth on a solid foundation as well as products of the highest quality and cutting edge technology. PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH is focused on the development and production of braking systems for cranes, container handling, wind power, steel industry, industrial applications and material handling. Headquartered in Germany, having branches in USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai. PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH is a global leader in the sector of brake technology.

PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH presents its new developed thruster BUEL® Model S at TOC Europe,  additionally to other devices of the BUEL® family and one of their standard disc brakes. The model S range stands for the consistent development of the established BUEL® series which has already established a new marked standard.

The BUEL® Model S is the newest thruster generation of the trademark BUEL® developed by PINTSCH BUBENZER. The unit has been designed especially for the use in wheel brakes for cranes where huge pulling forces are a must. The patented cylinder system is working in pulling force direction and guarantees a maximum of brake force (up to 40000N). Due to the compact and robust design it is withstanding extreme conditions under rough environment.

BUEL® thrusters have been developed on the basis of decades of experience in power transmission. Highest quality standards in each PINTSCH BUBENZER business unit is the basis for excellent reliability and safety. BUEL® thrusters are used for almost all kind of industrial applications. They are setting new industry standards for disc and drum brakes as well as wheel brakes.

BUEL® devices are durable, maintenance free and are applicable worldwide, between temperatures of -30°C to over +60°C ( lower/ higher temperatures possible )

Industry best setting times of less than 100ms and up to 25% more lifting force than conventional thrusters the BUEL® Model H is the thruster of choice.

The Future: DIGITAL.BUEL® “I“.

Besides the BUEL® Model S and Model H PINTSCH BUBENZER also presents the option “I”. This modular extension of the BUEL® series enables a complete digitally networked condition monitoring of BUELS® and an option of the combined brake.

Sensors are monitoring the end position, the reserve stroke, lifting force as well as system pressure. Sensors for temperature and oil level are available as an option. This is to enable a proactive maintenance of the BUEL thrusters.

“BUEL Model S, industrial brakes and couplings as well as the digital options are another milestone in our development. The continuously growing markets of container handling, mining, power transmission, mechanical engineering as well as steel industry are asking for innovative and up to date products and individually scalable solutions. As a state of the art manufacturer of high performing brakes and components PINTSCH BUBENZER is constantly in a dialog for continuous innovation with all of our customers”, according to CEO Markus E. Topp and Vice President Sales Arno Weil.

Further informations: 

Corporate News

03/01/2018, Corporate News

Dear business partners,

On February 28, 2018, finally the closing and the takeover of PINTSCH BUBENZER by the Bubenzer Holding GmbH has been completed.

By bringing Dellner Gummi into the Bubenzer Group GmbH, combined with the existing PINTSCH BUBENZER sister companies in Malaysia, USA, China, Singapore and Dubai, the new group is aiming for a non-consolidated group turnover of close to 100.000 TUSD in the year 2018.

Strong order intakes in all companies during the first two months of this year are supporting this forecast.

We are looking forward to continuing our successful business relationship with you.

Markus E. Topp